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Event planning check list: Tech Needs

I’ve worked a couple of events recently and have seen a few event organizers have mini meltdown over tech needs.  In many cases it’s because it was their first time in a space and they just didn’t know what to ask.  Some of their melt downs spread to their entire tech crews.  To help you […]

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Executive summaries rock

I’m in the middle of giving a series of presentation skills classes for a client who is in the process of rolling out a new marketing proposal library.  As part of that roll out, I’ve been tasked with teaching their employees how to structure their proposals better and how to write more effective executive summaries. […]

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Finding your story: Mindmaps

When crafting new presentations or discovering messaging, it can be a good idea to spend some time figuring out what your current thinking is.  One way to do that is through mind mapping.  Mind maps are a fantastic way to free associate on a specific topic, in a more structured manner. Here are some steps for creating […]

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Guest Post: How to Use PR to Boost Your Expert Creds

This week, we have another guest post.  This time by a lovely woman, named Jennifer Friedlin, of Iris 7 Marketing, who I will be collaborating with on workshops in the future.  We think so similarly it was a no brainer to ask her to contribute to the blog.  This week, a post about boosting your […]

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Chart Improvement Series: Importance of Algo Components

Last week we started  a chart “fix-it” series where we take a chart in dire need of help and then fix it.  This is something that we do in our presentation workshops, to synthesize all of the design lessons from the day.  Our last chart fixed  a “Success Cycle” that wasn’t depicting it’s key message. […]

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Chart Improvement Series: Success Cycle

We at The Presentation School don’t think that PowerPoint is the problem, a lack of visual communications education is the problem.  In our workshops, a taxonomy and deeper methodology of creating charts is taught.  But in each workshop, there is a section where  the learnings of the day are synthesized through analyzing poorly communicated slides […]

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Travelling and presentation creation: tips for doing it successfully

For some of us, it’s sometimes unavoidable.  For others of us, it’s our most inspired environment for writing.  For others of us still, we’re so restless anyway, we might as well work.  What do I speak of?  Writing presentations while in transit on:  planes, trains, and (for the very advanced), automobiles. As straight forward as it may […]

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Leaving the perfect voicemail

Something that we all do frequently:  leave voicemail!  A simple thing that used to give me gobs of anxiety. Until, I formed a game plan: Before you even pick up the phone to call someone, write down some quick notes on what you want to talk to them about.  A simple bulleted list will probably […]

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The best events are like small towns

As someone who’s lived in Brooklyn, NY for the past 14 years, I’ve made a realization that many other New Yorkers have too: NYC isn’t just a big city, it’s a network of small towns based on intellectual interests. I spend time in the intellectual small towns related to technology, visual communication, a handful of […]

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If you only take 2 things away from this blog, #1

Rehearse.  Rehearse.  Rehearse.  Then rehearse some more. I beat this into all of my client.  There is nothing that will help your presentation more than rehearsal.  The benefits are endless.  But hey, it wouldn’t be a blog post on The Presentation School if I didn’t give you a few in a neat little bulleted list: […]

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