Do you create presentations?

Do you give presentations?

Do you help other people create presentations?

Want to get better at any of those skills in a fun, non-corporate environment?  If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then The Presentation School is for you!

The Presentation School is brought to you by Martha Denton, an Ex-McKinsey visual communications specialist with over 7 years experience.  She’s designed presentations for Fortune 500 companies, major business services providers, non-profit, and government entities. A member of the Ignite NYC and TEDxHarlem speakers series, she’s quite involved with what current presentation trends are. She’s been coaching and teaching individuals and organizations in the presentations for years and is now bringing her skills to you!

To learn more about Martha Denton, visit her websites at about.me/marden928.   Her portfolio and resume can be seen at www.marthadenton.com.