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Where to put the presentation machine?

Cross post from   We go to all kinds of conferences and we run all kinds of conferences (frequently as the chick who designed the presentations, helped plan the presentations or just running the machine so clients can Network). In this capacity as laptop chick, I’m constantly amazed at the confusion around where to […]

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Event pacing

When putting event together, it is important to focus on the pacing for the entire event.  Your attendees don’t want to be over-stimulated or under-stimulated.  Certainly a challenge for even the best of meeting planners!  We have some tips to help you plan the perfect event: If appropriate, break up content with small interactive exercises […]

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Time management for presentation creation

Cross posted from Martha’s blog Many think that the biggest challenge in preparring the perfect presentation is the content and the time.  But I’m going to argue it’s time management.  Many folks figure that once their content is down (and typically in rough form), that the heavy lifting is done.  Yay!  The designers, editors, event […]

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