When putting event together, it is important to focus on the pacing for the entire event. More audience members have energy spikes and lows throughout the day, which means mixing up the energy of your content. This can be a challenge for even the best of meeting planners! Here are some some tips to help you plan the perfect event that addresses those energy spikes:

  • If appropriate, break up content with small interactive exercises while presenters are setting up. Ask your audience to do things like say hello to their neighbor, ask the person in front of them about a specific topic, fill out a comment card, etc.
  • If integrating live musical or performance acts, leave that gear on stage: it creates anticipation for things to come and it speeds up the flow of your event.
  • Schedule your most dynamic speakers at the beginning of sessions (first of the day, first after lunch, etc.) – it sets the pace and brings your audience members to attention. Also, audiences are a bit sleepy after eating – a more energetic speaker will get those digesting folks’ attention.
  • Put your most reflective speakers before breaks – gives something for audience members to discuss.
  • And as always, when planning content, know your audience!  Don’t be afraid to ask what they want!