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Developing your own event format: 11 questions to ask yourself

A good friend of mine recently asked me my opinion around using rapid fire presentations at his event, which he had done previously.  He wanted to keep the format going because it’s not traditional.  Not boring, something different for people to enjoy.  Reader of this blog know that I totally agree that rapid fire presentations are amazing. […]

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Afraid of what someone in your audience will say or think?

Then head them off at the pass!  The fancy communications industry term for it is “stakeholder management” which requires an “audience analysis.”  A stakeholder is someone else who has an interest, or stake in whatever it is you are communicating about.  These stakeholders are most likely to have something to say when you are up […]

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Lesson from an educator

I’m very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Sean McManus of The Economist on their upcoming conference about innovation in March.  (Check it out here:  http://ideas.economist.com/event/innovation)  My task is to put together 5 San Francisco based speakers to do Ignite-style presentations on the topic of innovation.  The best part about the current stage […]

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Audience metaphor

We’ve just been made aware of a fun metaphor for thinking about your audience and wanted to share: Your audience is a container to pour liquid in.  Your content is the liquid. So what does that mean for you, as a presentation deliverer? Like you prefer to drink clean healthy water, your audience wants clean […]

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Audience connection tips

We’ve all been audience members for presenters who we don’t connect with.  Our minds wander, we get offended, we ignore the presenter – we do everything but pay attention.  No one wants to be that presenter, do we?  So, how to avoid that?  Here are a couple of quick tips: Weave in intrinsically human visuals: […]

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Event pacing

When putting event together, it is important to focus on the pacing for the entire event.  Your attendees don’t want to be over-stimulated or under-stimulated.  Certainly a challenge for even the best of meeting planners!  We have some tips to help you plan the perfect event: If appropriate, break up content with small interactive exercises […]

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Time management for presentation creation

Cross posted from Martha’s blog Many think that the biggest challenge in preparring the perfect presentation is the content and the time.  But I’m going to argue it’s time management.  Many folks figure that once their content is down (and typically in rough form), that the heavy lifting is done.  Yay!  The designers, editors, event […]

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Audience response systems

Before launching off onto my own, I worked at a major management consulting firm.  One of my big projects at the Firm was to figure out new and innovative communication techniques, the more interaction the better.  Our studies had shown that clients were sick of being spoken at and wanted to be spoken with.  (Not […]

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