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Developing your own event format: 11 questions to ask yourself

A good friend of mine recently asked me my opinion around using rapid fire presentations at his event, which he had done previously.  He wanted to keep the format going because it’s not traditional.  Not boring, something different for people to enjoy.  Reader of this blog know that I totally agree that rapid fire presentations are amazing. […]

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The best events are like small towns

As someone who’s lived in Brooklyn, NY for the past 14 years, I’ve made a realization that many other New Yorkers have too: NYC isn’t just a big city, it’s a network of small towns based on intellectual interests. I spend time in the intellectual small towns related to technology, visual communication, a handful of […]

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Speaker introductions: Some do’s and don’ts

So, your amazing event is set.  All the speakers you wanted confirmed and are ready.  What’s next?  Yup, speaker introductions! There’s a fine balance here between your brilliance as a curator, your vision around curating the story arc for the day, being personable, and of course highlighting your speaker in a way that will instill […]

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7 tips for getting speaking gigs

As a presentation coach and sometimes curator, folks are constantly walking up to me and saying “Wow, I love speaking.  How do I get big speaking gigs?”  This is what I tell them: Do something.  Just because you like speaking, doesn’t mean you’ve got something to speak about.  Write a book, start a blog, start […]

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What TED tips should you use for your presentation?

I’m deeply involved in TEDxHarlem as their speaker coach, which will be happening the week after this post.  In that role, it’s critical that I push speakers to abide the TED Speaker Commandments.  For your reference, they are here: TEDx SPEAKERS: THE TED COMMANDMENTS These 10 tips are the heart of a great TEDTalk. Dream […]

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The magic of audience surprises

A really amazing presentation does more for the audience than just teaching them something new.  A really amazing presentation also inspires, entertains, engages emotion, and opens up a new way of seeing.  One way to help that along is to institute surprises into your delivery.  Here are some ideas, mostly based on ideas from amazing producers and […]

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