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Lupita Nyongo’o is a great speech giver

My favorite Oscar talk from last night was by Lupita Nyongo’o.  Not because I saw her movie yet (I’m behind on the Oscar movies from 2013), but because her speech was so authentic.  Sure, she probably rehearsed it a few times.  Well, likely a lot of times because it still felt authentic.  Really authentic.  It’s […]

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$ ≠ A successful speaking engagement

A good friend of mine recently posted this blog post written by someone who refused a TEDx speaking engagement because it wasn’t paid.  You can check it out here.  The gist of what this fellow says though is this: TED costs $6,000 for a week; therefore, speakers should get paid TED is a non-profit, but […]

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Credibility killers to avoid

There are some things speakers do that absolutely kill their credibility.  Some of those things are content oriented, some of those things are not.  This post is about bringing awareness to some things we do to kill our credibility when presenting. Too many filler words.  Filler words are those words we utter when we’re trying […]

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5 talks with 5 very different styles

The best talks happen when speakers have a clear storyline, speak clearly and are genuine.  Sure, we enjoy it when speakers avoid stumbling over words, speak too quietly, move around awkwardly or seem really uncomfortable.  Those are things that can be improved with a speaker coach.  What can’t be improved are genuine creativity and emotional […]

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Dealing with Public Speaking Anxiety: Guest Post

Who better to give tips about anxiety than a licensed therapist?  The Presentation School is proud to present you with a guest blog by Autumn Hahn, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Hypnotherapist. ~~~ Fear of speaking in public is ranked higher than fears of falling, spiders, the dark, and even death on opinion polls. However, as our […]

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1-on-1 meetings

An old college friend of mine recently asked me for some advice for a 1-on-1 meeting he was about to have with his boss about a possible promotion.  (Let’s all cross our fingers that he gets it!)  My advice to him was that the process for preparing for a 1-on-1 meeting is the same: Do […]

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Lessons from Occupy Atlanta

I just watched this clip of Occupy Atlanta, where the group decides that booked speaker, John Lewis, known for being instrumental in the Civil Rights Movement is not allowed to speak. The group couldn’t come to a consensus about whether they wanted to hear him speak, namely because someone spoke up and said that he […]

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Lessons from the 2013 Presidential Inaguration

Like many Americans, I watched the pomp and circumstance that we call the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. This year, I watched with a couple of politically-minded friends who had some interesting comments about the event that got me thinking. I’d like to share my thoughts (and to hear yours!) KNOW YOUR STAKEHOLDERS – It’s no secret […]

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If you only take 2 things away from this blog, #2

I feel a compulsion when I see new speakers to walk up to them, put my finger in the center of their back and push their other shoulder back.  Why?  Because I want to correct their posture. As a presentation creation and coaching professional, it’s probably the second gospel I want to spread to the […]

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If you only take 2 things away from this blog, #1

Rehearse.  Rehearse.  Rehearse.  Then rehearse some more. I beat this into all of my client.  There is nothing that will help your presentation more than rehearsal.  The benefits are endless.  But hey, it wouldn’t be a blog post on The Presentation School if I didn’t give you a few in a neat little bulleted list: […]

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