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5 talks with 5 very different styles

The best talks happen when speakers have a clear storyline, speak clearly and are genuine.  Sure, we enjoy it when speakers avoid stumbling over words, speak too quietly, move around awkwardly or seem really uncomfortable.  Those are things that can be improved with a speaker coach.  What can’t be improved are genuine creativity and emotional […]

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Storytelling structures from some greats

When I teach presentation classes, the story telling structures I teach are Barbara Minto’s “Pyramid Principle” and the classic story structure as I learned in a storytelling class with Kevin Allison of The Story Studio. Great for structuring business documents for busy executives and for telling awesome personal stories! Between the 2 structures, most people […]

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Tips for storytelling

I’ve been taking a few storytelling classes of late, it’s an area that every good presenter should get good at doing.  Storytelling is a fantastic way of illustrating your key points without jamming bullet points down your audience’s throat.  (Something so many complain about, rightfully or not.)  It’s also a fantastic way of creating something […]

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