I’ve been taking a few storytelling classes of late, it’s an area that every good presenter should get good at doing.  Storytelling is a fantastic way of illustrating your key points without jamming bullet points down your audience’s throat.  (Something so many complain about, rightfully or not.)  It’s also a fantastic way of creating something every speaker always wants with their audience:  an emotional connection!

Here are some quick tips that I learned from my teachers at www.thestorystudio.com  and www.brooklynbrainery.com:

  • All stories should have a beginning, middle and end.  It’s oddly something that many storytellers forget
    • Beginning sets the world/tone
    • Middle has escalation/incident of some sort
    • End has some sort of a resolution, which could be more of an escalation of an incident or a new world view
  • Use as many details as possible, the more sensory the better
  • Treat the people in your story like characters who speak.  If there are no other people in your story, have dialogue with own inner thoughts
  • All stories should be true
Storytelling is especially helpful for talks like TEDx talks or some other more innovative or emotional setting.  Could also be helpful for explaining your vision for the future.