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So, you’ve networked. Now what?

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who has just been going to all of the parties at SXSW, or you’ve just come back from a really fun MeetUp where you’ve met lots of like minded folks, or you’ve just met a couple of like minded individual at some other gathering. In any case, you’ve […]

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Networking tips: Sample questions and things to remember

Networking.  It’s a word that strikes fear in many hearts. Some networkers just don’t know what to say, aren’t comfortable approaching strangers, or don’t know what to do with new contacts afterwards.  With a little bit of planning and mindset shifting, though, you can really get over your fears and get the most out of […]

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Guest Post: How to Use PR to Boost Your Expert Creds

This week, we have another guest post.  This time by a lovely woman, named Jennifer Friedlin, of Iris 7 Marketing, who I will be collaborating with on workshops in the future.  We think so similarly it was a no brainer to ask her to contribute to the blog.  This week, a post about boosting your […]

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The best events are like small towns

As someone who’s lived in Brooklyn, NY for the past 14 years, I’ve made a realization that many other New Yorkers have too: NYC isn’t just a big city, it’s a network of small towns based on intellectual interests. I spend time in the intellectual small towns related to technology, visual communication, a handful of […]

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Quick tips for improving your presence

This holiday season, there are a lot of parties.  Lots of chances for networking.  Lots of chances for making amazing or awful first impressions.  These quick tips will help you be in the amazing category: Stand up straight.  People associate good posture with confidence.  the other side effect is that it will actually detract from […]

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7 tips for getting speaking gigs

As a presentation coach and sometimes curator, folks are constantly walking up to me and saying “Wow, I love speaking.  How do I get big speaking gigs?”  This is what I tell them: Do something.  Just because you like speaking, doesn’t mean you’ve got something to speak about.  Write a book, start a blog, start […]

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Wanna feel more comfortable with your audience?

Let’s say you’re about to speak at a large-stage conference and you’re totally nervous.  You hardly know anyone in the audience and you really wish you did because you know you speak better when you feel a connection to the lovely faces that you’re looking into.  What do you do? It’s simple:  network! If you’ve […]

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Goals when running a rehearsal

A big part of what I do when coaching events is run rehearsals.  This is when everyone meets each other,  participants frequently get to give their talk for their first time, and the real meat of presentation coaching happens.    When presentations are short, I like to run these as a workshop.  I’m sure some […]

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Reboot Workshop and UnConference attendee tips

Next Saturday, Jan 26, we will be sponsoring and facilitating at the Reboot Workshop that will be  from 10-4 and will be held at New Work City in NYC.  You can get tickets and learn more about the event here:  The workshop will feature a panel of 7 experts that freelancers typically need to […]

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Tips for holiday toasts and parties

It’s that time of year again:  New Years and Christmas!  Which means:  Office parties and family dinners! It’s a time of year when many of us see family that we typically don’t see, party with co-workers we typically wouldn’t drink in front of, and attend networking events that are a bit more elaborate than the […]

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