Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who has just been going to all of the parties at SXSW, or you’ve just come back from a really fun MeetUp where you’ve met lots of like minded folks, or you’ve just met a couple of like minded individual at some other gathering. In any case, you’ve got business cards from people you want to stay in touch with. What do you do?

There are a few different things you can do:

  • Link to them on LinkedIn, which provides a few different benefits: you’ll have their latest business email (especially important after individuals change jobs), ability to learn more about them, and have a platform for sharing small bit of information. There are apps out there that make this process easier, such as CardMunch, which works from your Smart Phone.
  • Send them an email from your mailing list platform asking if you can add them to your regular newsletters. (Also known as a double opt in). Make sure you include information about yourself when you send these newsletters out so your contacts can feel more of a connection with you.
  • Personal follow up is likely the right approach for contacts you think you want to get to know more deeply. Perhaps sending them an article related to something you discussed or going ahead and setting up a coffee meeting?
  • Traditional databases where you keep folk’s information. This can be made easier with a card scanner. But make sure you do something with those email addresses once you’ve collected them!

Do you have other methods you like to use?