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So, you’ve networked. Now what?

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who has just been going to all of the parties at SXSW, or you’ve just come back from a really fun MeetUp where you’ve met lots of like minded folks, or you’ve just met a couple of like minded individual at some other gathering. In any case, you’ve […]

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Event ice breaker ideas

I just read a post by Charlie O’Donnell on the “Rules of Inclusion” for tech events (well, really any events).  He brings of up some great points:  inclusion should be a tone set by event organizers, not everyone drinks so don’t rely on alcohol to solve all your networking issues (and some people are horrible […]

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Networking tips: Sample questions and things to remember

Networking.  It’s a word that strikes fear in many hearts. Some networkers just don’t know what to say, aren’t comfortable approaching strangers, or don’t know what to do with new contacts afterwards.  With a little bit of planning and mindset shifting, though, you can really get over your fears and get the most out of […]

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Quick tips for improving your presence

This holiday season, there are a lot of parties.  Lots of chances for networking.  Lots of chances for making amazing or awful first impressions.  These quick tips will help you be in the amazing category: Stand up straight.  People associate good posture with confidence.  the other side effect is that it will actually detract from […]

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Goals when running a rehearsal

A big part of what I do when coaching events is run rehearsals.  This is when everyone meets each other,  participants frequently get to give their talk for their first time, and the real meat of presentation coaching happens.    When presentations are short, I like to run these as a workshop.  I’m sure some […]

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Tips for holiday toasts and parties

It’s that time of year again:  New Years and Christmas!  Which means:  Office parties and family dinners! It’s a time of year when many of us see family that we typically don’t see, party with co-workers we typically wouldn’t drink in front of, and attend networking events that are a bit more elaborate than the […]

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