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Color selection

It’s always amazing to me how emotional color selection can be for some. I’ve had clients who have had break downs because of the wrong shade of orange (or some other favorite color). And I’ve heard clients have internal fights over their favorites. Personal preference is one way to go about these things, but I’m […]

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Chart Improvement Series: Targeting Customers 2×2

This is the third installment of our chart “fix-it” series, where we take a slide that is either off message or in need of some help and then improve it.  Last week we improved a data-chart and the week before that we improved a conceptual chart that was off message. This is something that happens […]

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Great way to synthesize data post conference

So, we at The Presentation School are a bit lax on sending out posts about presentations because we’ve been attending them.  This past week, we were invited to The Economist’s Human Potential conference in New York City.  A great mix of formats was present (one-on-one interviews, individual talks, performances, panels, talk-shows, comedic recaps).  A great […]

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How to give an awesome Ignite presentation

Martha, this school’s proprietor, is also the presentation specialist and coach for Ignite NYC.  In that role, she has some started advice she gives speakers.  If you want to throw your own Ignite event, you’ll want to follow these tips. If you’re interested in coming to the next Ignite NYC event on October 10, click here. […]

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