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Color selection

It’s always amazing to me how emotional color selection can be for some. I’ve had clients who have had break downs because of the wrong shade of orange (or some other favorite color). And I’ve heard clients have internal fights over their favorites. Personal preference is one way to go about these things, but I’m […]

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Chart Improvement Series: Importance of Algo Components

Last week we started  a chart “fix-it” series where we take a chart in dire need of help and then fix it.  This is something that we do in our presentation workshops, to synthesize all of the design lessons from the day.  Our last chart fixed  a “Success Cycle” that wasn’t depicting it’s key message. […]

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Chart Improvement Series: Success Cycle

We at The Presentation School don’t think that PowerPoint is the problem, a lack of visual communications education is the problem.  In our workshops, a taxonomy and deeper methodology of creating charts is taught.  But in each workshop, there is a section where  the learnings of the day are synthesized through analyzing poorly communicated slides […]

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Chart Design Course

I just shared the first part of the 2-part webinar series I designed for the now defunct Solvate.  The first part, shared last Wednesday, was about chart selection.  This one was about chart design for non-designers.  Various questions were asked, various questions were answered.  A lot of knowledge transfer occurred! Check it out:

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Language for discussing images

When working with clients, we sometimes butt-heads when speaking about images.  Not because we have different taste, but because we have a different language when talking about images.  We are frequently talking about the same image and agreeing, but because of our different language we don’t see that.  To help you avoid future arguments with […]

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Color or no color, that is the question!

This is a cross-post from Martha’s blog In my years as a visual communications professional, I’ve worked with all types of companies, consultants, and government entities.  And with each of these interactions, attitudes around color seem to differ greatly – sometimes for good reason, other times based on fear.  In general I find there are […]

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