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NYC Women’s Professional Development Event – June 21

The Presentation School is one of the organizers for this event about presence.  I will also be giving a 90 minute session with communications skills training during the day.  Hope you can come!!!! The Influential Woman: Learning to Persuade, and Succeed, Every Day at Work (A Women’s Professional Development Event) Saturday, June 21 40 Washington […]

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Event ice breaker ideas

I just read a post by Charlie O’Donnell on the “Rules of Inclusion” for tech events (well, really any events).  He brings of up some great points:  inclusion should be a tone set by event organizers, not everyone drinks so don’t rely on alcohol to solve all your networking issues (and some people are horrible […]

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Event planning check list: Tech Needs

I’ve worked a couple of events recently and have seen a few event organizers have mini meltdown over tech needs.  In many cases it’s because it was their first time in a space and they just didn’t know what to ask.  Some of their melt downs spread to their entire tech crews.  To help you […]

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The Presentation School will be at The Economist’s Human Potential

This is our third time curating  a rapid fire presentation segment for The Economist events series.  If you’re in NYC on Wednesday, September 18, come check it out!  We selected these speakers and led the speakers through the process of writing, designing and delivering their 20 slide presentations, that automatically shift after 16 seconds. This […]

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Developing your own event format: 11 questions to ask yourself

A good friend of mine recently asked me my opinion around using rapid fire presentations at his event, which he had done previously.  He wanted to keep the format going because it’s not traditional.  Not boring, something different for people to enjoy.  Reader of this blog know that I totally agree that rapid fire presentations are amazing. […]

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The best events are like small towns

As someone who’s lived in Brooklyn, NY for the past 14 years, I’ve made a realization that many other New Yorkers have too: NYC isn’t just a big city, it’s a network of small towns based on intellectual interests. I spend time in the intellectual small towns related to technology, visual communication, a handful of […]

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7 tips for getting speaking gigs

As a presentation coach and sometimes curator, folks are constantly walking up to me and saying “Wow, I love speaking.  How do I get big speaking gigs?”  This is what I tell them: Do something.  Just because you like speaking, doesn’t mean you’ve got something to speak about.  Write a book, start a blog, start […]

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