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Audience connection tips

We’ve all been audience members for presenters who we don’t connect with.  Our minds wander, we get offended, we ignore the presenter – we do everything but pay attention.  No one wants to be that presenter, do we?  So, how to avoid that?  Here are a couple of quick tips: Weave in intrinsically human visuals: […]

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Event pacing

When putting event together, it is important to focus on the pacing for the entire event.  Your attendees don’t want to be over-stimulated or under-stimulated.  Certainly a challenge for even the best of meeting planners!  We have some tips to help you plan the perfect event: If appropriate, break up content with small interactive exercises […]

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If message is king, then the audience is its emperor.

If message is king…

…then the audience is the emperor. We’ve said this before and will say it many more times.  Yes, chart design and image selection should be based on your content.  But your content should be based on your audience.  People are bombarded with information constantly; much of what doesn’t interest them.  So, think about it, what […]

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