We work with all kinds of clients, including start-ups who want help with their investor presentations. Investor presentations provide a unique challenge for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The firmness of many investors – they want you to get to the point
  • Culture clash – start-ups are more of a “Can Do” loose environment, VC firms are about the bottom line.  Many start-ups are created by self-starters who don’t necessarily fit into other corporate cultures, VC Firms are made up of MBAs who were taught to both create and participate in corporate cultures
  • Competitive – you’re competing with every other start-up for funding from the same pool of VC and Angel investing firms
So, if you’re a start-up and you are about to go into an investor presentation, what are some things you can do to help make it more productive:
  • Frame for your audience – you’re not hiring and finding those to share your company values, you’re not selling something, you’re asking to be invested in.  All messages should be about the marketing opportunity you found and how much money they could make if they join you.
  • Be flexible – you won’t go through your entire deck, you’ll be pummeled with questions and you’ll be expected to prepare what is called a “leave behind.”  Have it ready to share.
  • Get on the same page – Everyone involved in the meeting on your side should have the same language and should tow the same party line.  COntradictions in an investor meeting can seem like you don’t jive in your business.  That makes you look like a risk.
  • Practice – Practice every key point you want to make from a few angles.  Be ready to answer it all.
  • Have case studies – case studies of competitors/similar models that succeeded.  Case studies of successes you’ve already had (and I mean financial, not cultural)
  • Don’t start with the deck – Be ready to chat it up first.
  • Sit next to them – If  it’s a laptop discussion, sit next to them and share your screen, it’s more personal.

Hopefully these quick tips will help you reach success in your next investor presentation meeting.