Last night, I was fortunate enough to give a live demo at New Work City of presentation coaching, with former Ignite speaker, Jack Aboutboul, acting as guinea pig.  It went really well with obvious improvement by the end of the session  (always good to pick someone who’s easy to coach, thanks Jack!)

It’s the teaser for a 3-part series of classes that I’ll be giving there call:  Presentation to Die For!   Hopefully you can make it!  The dates are Wed Nov 9, Mon Nov 14 and Wed Nov 16.  You can sign up at this link:  and use this discount code for 10% off: 2die4

Anyway, last night I got a question around websites for more presentation tips.  Of course there’s our blog, I try to keep it fairly up-to-date so please come back!  And also, of course, I check out a few websites regularly for the latest thinking in the communications field and would like to share those with you: