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Chart Design Course

I just shared the first part of the 2-part webinar series I designed for the now defunct Solvate.  The first part, shared last Wednesday, was about chart selection.  This one was about chart design for non-designers.  Various questions were asked, various questions were answered.  A lot of knowledge transfer occurred! Check it out:

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Tips for planning your new year

Like many, we at The Presentation School are in the process of planning out our projects and plans for the new year.  And maybe like you, we’ve got all kinds of ideas we’re excited about.  Alas, our enthusiasm may be bigger than our available time and energy.  (No doubt a problem many of us have.) […]

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Websites we get ideas from and class

Last night, I was fortunate enough to give a live demo at New Work City of presentation coaching, with former Ignite speaker, Jack Aboutboul, acting as guinea pig.  It went really well with obvious improvement by the end of the session  (always good to pick someone who’s easy to coach, thanks Jack!) It’s the teaser […]

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Don't be this guy!

Presenting with videos

Cross posted from Martha’s blog I have worked on a lot of presentations with and have come to realize that use of videos is confusing to most presenters.  In the interest of helping presenters use video in the most interesting way possible, I’d like to give you some tips: Embed your video.  Switching between programs […]

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Time management for presentation creation

Cross posted from Martha’s blog Many think that the biggest challenge in preparring the perfect presentation is the content and the time.  But I’m going to argue it’s time management.  Many folks figure that once their content is down (and typically in rough form), that the heavy lifting is done.  Yay!  The designers, editors, event […]

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