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How to avoid disaster

More and more folks have been asking me my thoughts about Michael Bay’s freakout at CES.  (If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video below): First things first, I have mad empathy for him.  It’s not easy to have things go wrong on such a big stage.  Apparently the most common fear is […]

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1-on-1 meetings

An old college friend of mine recently asked me for some advice for a 1-on-1 meeting he was about to have with his boss about a possible promotion.  (Let’s all cross our fingers that he gets it!)  My advice to him was that the process for preparing for a 1-on-1 meeting is the same: Do […]

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Tip for presenting with someone else

Sometimes, we have to share the stage when we present, be it literally or figuratively.   And if we don’t plan ahead, that can be disastrous!  Nothing is worse then speaking over someone else or having someone else speak over us.  The audience thinks the one speaking over is a jerk and that the two folks […]

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How to give an awesome Ignite presentation

Martha, this school’s proprietor, is also the presentation specialist and coach for Ignite NYC.  In that role, she has some started advice she gives speakers.  If you want to throw your own Ignite event, you’ll want to follow these tips. If you’re interested in coming to the next Ignite NYC event on October 10, click here. […]

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Audience connection tips

We’ve all been audience members for presenters who we don’t connect with.  Our minds wander, we get offended, we ignore the presenter – we do everything but pay attention.  No one wants to be that presenter, do we?  So, how to avoid that?  Here are a couple of quick tips: Weave in intrinsically human visuals: […]

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Tips from Mad Men

Like many, we’re excited about Mad Men’s addition to Netflix’s streaming.  And we’re happier still about the presentations that the characters have been giving. In one scene between Peggy Olson and her Priest, she gives im the following tips for giving a sermon for Palm Sunday: Find a few people to focus on and give […]

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