This is a presentation, designed by a firm out in Hawaii.  This is probably designed to be an on-screen, projected presentation versus a SlideShare presentation as there really are a LOT of slides, making you feel like you’ve got a lot of clicking to do.  BUT, it’s got some good tips in here that I think could be useful to anyone getting ready to design a TEDx presentations.

Note that there is NOTHING in here about delivery.  (I do have some tips for that here)

ONe thing I disagree with:  don’t design a widescreen and a 4×3 presentation “just in case.”  Ask the organizers what the screen size is.  They’re right that lots of things could change at the last minute, but typically not the screen size, esp with a TEDx.  Every TEDx goes through an extensive process where every detail of the day is approved by TED.  Screen size is one of the biggies as it really affects potential onscreen videos, the things form  TEDx that TED gets most excited about.

Their presentation: