“What’s better?  PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi?”

This is a question that we get at The Presentation School a lot!  The answer is alas not one that clearly supports one software over another:  What is your audience’s preference?  What machine will your presentation being run off of?

Instead of leaving you high and dry, here are some guidelines:

  • If in a PC only environment with a setting where you are unsure of internet:  PowerPoint for PC
  • If in a Mac environment and running lots of videos, likely for folks in the media or advertising industry:  Keynote for Mac
  • If in an internet only setting, with individuals who prefer stories to be told in animated sequence, versus linearly:  Prezi
  • And if not sure about the situation:  Ask your meeting organizer.  If you’re still unsure PowerPoint!  Keynote can read PowerPoint files.  BUT, it can change some of the settings so don’t do anything fancy like specific fonts or animations (they’re different between the softwares)

Happy designing!