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New post with Prezi! Fixing up The Success Cycle

I had the honor of being asked by the amazing Prezi staff if I’d share some of the content form this blog with them.  So, after some thorough planning and some amazing back and forth with the staff, we worked together to create a post. You can check it out here: First amazing Prezi post […]

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Non-Office Options: For when you don’t have PowerPoint

A recent house guest of mine was asked to do a Pecha Kucha while here in New York City.  She’s a surface-textile designer and doesn’t really use Microsoft Office products and doesn’t feel it’s worth the investment for the singular presentation.  She asked me what her options are, which had me thinking that others may […]

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Prezi storyboarding template

Recently, I had an inquiry from a Non-Profit around creating Prezis that would act as standalone training videos. I explained to them that the typical process is as follows: 1. Select a central metaphor (the best Prezis have a central image you zoom in and out of) 2. Write the voice-over script 3. Decide on […]

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Which software should I use for my presentation?

“What’s better?  PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi?” This is a question that we get at The Presentation School a lot!  The answer is alas not one that clearly supports one software over another:  What is your audience’s preference?  What machine will your presentation being run off of? Instead of leaving you high and dry, here are some […]

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