Like all of the amazing folks in the tech industry, we in the presentation industry have also lost one of our greats with Steve Jobs’ passing.  He really was instrumental in making well design and well delivered presentations cool in the mainstream.

Here’s a list of his influences on the art of presentations that we hope everyone will incorporate into their own presentations:

  • Less is more – fewer graphics and words on the screen add to a more beautiful presentation.
  • Rehearsal is important – Steve used to rehearse for 72 hours straight before every presentation.  72 hours. Why?  So he could work through his script to get it perfect, memorize it, then work through the “memorized”  tone and get to the point of it sounding off the cuff again.  Other benefit?  You couldn’t shake him.  He really knew his stuff!
  • Keynote – it’s a great software program and now the standard for many creatives.  I love PPT, it’s true, but Keynote is not a pixel off like PPT is.  It’ also better for running videos.  Thanks for creating a company that created Keynote.
  • iPad – Thanks also for creating a company that creating the iPad.  Now presentations are more portable.  We salute that.
  • Energy and enthusiasm – He loved his topics and it was always clear in his presentations.  Bring that passion to your own!

Again, thank you Steve for your contribution to our chosen profession:  presentations.