Last June, we had a series of posts brainstorming possible visuals for metaphors, including: growthbalance, and leadership.  In the beginning of this second series, we covered innovation.  In this post, I’ve put together a list of possible images for another theme that I’ve seen in tons of presentations:  opportunity.

According to Merriam Webster, an opportunity is:

  1. A favorable juncture of circumstances
  2. A good chance for advancement or progress

Some ideas for possible visuals that could be used to show opportunity include:

  • An empty seat in the front row of a very full auditorium/concert venue, etc.
  • An empty parking space in a very full parking lot
  • An empty piece of paper with a beautiful writing utensil
  • Beautiful road ahead
  • A gold platter with an envelope on it
  • A beautifully wrapped box being handed over in a gloved hand
  • A spread of cooking ingredients and amazing cooking ware
  • A few roads coming together, showing possible directions that are all wonderful but for different reasons
  • A wedding proposal
  • Stairs going up with a red carpet rolled out on them
  • Ramp up into a beautiful location: building, space ship, ball room, etc.
  • An empty and high quality form of transportation: private plane, bus, camper, car, bicycle, etc.
  • A set of keys to: a car, castle, house, office, etc.
  • Doors with prizes behind them, like on a game show

Do you have any other ideas to add to the list?