As noted in my last post, I love metaphors and am a huge fan of using them to presentations. I am not, however a huge fan of the same metaphors being used over and over again. In the last post, I brainstormed alternatives to a tree being used for growth.  Today, I’d like to conquer scales being used to demonstrate balance/unbalance.

Metaphors for balance and metaphors for unbalance:

  • Carpenters Level
  • A seesaw
  • Flight instruments
  • Liquid in something
  • Piles of paper in 2 different in/out bins
  • 2 people holding same/different amounts of something
  • Boxes/other containers next to each other holding similar or different amounts of items
  • Someone’s body being lopsided somehow
  • A car that isn’t perfectly level, tail light out, etc.
  • Someone walking unsteadily
  • Animal missing a leg, etc.
  • Someone’s hair that isn’t even  next to someone with the same cut that is
  • Someone with a disheveled appearance (shoes falling off, skirt in panty hose, etc)
  • Something very rich an elegant next to something in poor condition/cheap looking
  • A hand being held out that is very steady
  • Someone doing balanced yoga poses (like tree pose)
  • Balance beam, maybe with someone on it

Can you think of more?  Please add them in the comments!