“Death by PowerPoint” – Edward Tufte
“PowerPoint makes us stupid” – General Stanley A McChrystal

Both are pretty famous quotes talking about PowerPoint (or any other presentation software for that matter).   And it’s true, a lot of presentations are unpleasant to sit through.  But, it’s not because of the software.  It’s because of the presenter and/or their designer lacking visual communications training.  Which is OK, we weren’t born having perfect grammer, knowing how to ride a bike, or how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey.  Why should we assume that everyone will have perfect visual communications skills without training?

We at The Presentation School want to help anyone who gives presentations give the best presentations they can!  It is our mission to teach you how to use presentation software, plan your storyline, understand your audience, design the best slides possible, and to deliver your presentations to the best of your abilities.  The key to good PowerPoint is education!  Come learn with us!