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Lessons from the 2013 Presidential Inaguration

Like many Americans, I watched the pomp and circumstance that we call the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. This year, I watched with a couple of politically-minded friends who had some interesting comments about the event that got me thinking. I’d like to share my thoughts (and to hear yours!) KNOW YOUR STAKEHOLDERS – It’s no secret […]

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Why legal images are good

Many people don’t think much about sourcing images for their presentations.  Typically what happens is they go to Google, type in what they’re looking for, see their search results and grab any ole image that comes up in their search results.  That’s fine for small internal meetings where you are just trying to explain your […]

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Keeping audience members engaged in your webinar

Especially with the current economic slump, that alas shows little sign of getting better soon, we are working further and further from each other.  Co-working and home-working are just as common place as going into an office for a 9-5 job.  More and more people are moving to cheaper locations to help make ends meet, […]

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