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New post with Prezi! Fixing up The Success Cycle

I had the honor of being asked by the amazing Prezi staff if I’d share some of the content form this blog with them.  So, after some thorough planning and some amazing back and forth with the staff, we worked together to create a post. You can check it out here: First amazing Prezi post […]

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Embedding multiple audio clips into a single PowerPoint page

I just worked on a recent client project for an advertising pitch where they wanted to have various audio clips play automatically after one click per slide and not have the icons on the screen.  This was a new one for me and frankly I didn’t think it could be done.  But dear readers, it […]

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A checklist for editing your charts

The last step in presentation design should be to double check your work with one last round of editing.  Editing can be a daunting task, especially if you’re the only pair of eyes on a document (We all know how it feels like when you’ve been staring at the same document for so long that […]

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Chart Improvement Series: NSA PRISM slides

Normally we post one blog post a week.  Because of the timeliness, this week is different.  We have 2 posts from the same series today and today’s is a bit usual because it comes out of the news instead of SlideShare.  Yup, it’s the famous PRISM slides that The Guardian and The Washington Post leaked […]

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Chart Improvement Series: Importance of Algo Components

Last week we started  a chart “fix-it” series where we take a chart in dire need of help and then fix it.  This is something that we do in our presentation workshops, to synthesize all of the design lessons from the day.  Our last chart fixed  a “Success Cycle” that wasn’t depicting it’s key message. […]

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Chart Improvement Series: Success Cycle

We at The Presentation School don’t think that PowerPoint is the problem, a lack of visual communications education is the problem.  In our workshops, a taxonomy and deeper methodology of creating charts is taught.  But in each workshop, there is a section where  the learnings of the day are synthesized through analyzing poorly communicated slides […]

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Chart Design Course

I just shared the first part of the 2-part webinar series I designed for the now defunct Solvate.  The first part, shared last Wednesday, was about chart selection.  This one was about chart design for non-designers.  Various questions were asked, various questions were answered.  A lot of knowledge transfer occurred! Check it out:

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