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Credibility killers to avoid

There are some things speakers do that absolutely kill their credibility.  Some of those things are content oriented, some of those things are not.  This post is about bringing awareness to some things we do to kill our credibility when presenting. Too many filler words.  Filler words are those words we utter when we’re trying […]

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Why is my slide deck so boring?

Because you call it: a file, a slide deck, a pack or any other name for a big dump of information into a PowerPoint file.  I challenge you to change your mindset around these PowerPoint or Keynote files that you put together.  Call them what they are, supports for a communications occasion   Call them presentations!  Call […]

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Wanna feel more comfortable with your audience?

Let’s say you’re about to speak at a large-stage conference and you’re totally nervous.  You hardly know anyone in the audience and you really wish you did because you know you speak better when you feel a connection to the lovely faces that you’re looking into.  What do you do? It’s simple:  network! If you’ve […]

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Audience connection tips

We’ve all been audience members for presenters who we don’t connect with.  Our minds wander, we get offended, we ignore the presenter – we do everything but pay attention.  No one wants to be that presenter, do we?  So, how to avoid that?  Here are a couple of quick tips: Weave in intrinsically human visuals: […]

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