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Color or no color, that is the question!

This is a cross-post from Martha’s blog In my years as a visual communications professional, I’ve worked with all types of companies, consultants, and government entities.  And with each of these interactions, attitudes around color seem to differ greatly – sometimes for good reason, other times based on fear.  In general I find there are […]

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Don't be this guy!

Presenting with videos

Cross posted from Martha’s blog I have worked on a lot of presentations with and have come to realize that use of videos is confusing to most presenters.  In the interest of helping presenters use video in the most interesting way possible, I’d like to give you some tips: Embed your video.  Switching between programs […]

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Time management for presentation creation

Cross posted from Martha’s blog Many think that the biggest challenge in preparring the perfect presentation is the content and the time.  But I’m going to argue it’s time management.  Many folks figure that once their content is down (and typically in rough form), that the heavy lifting is done.  Yay!  The designers, editors, event […]

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Sources of presentation inspiration

Looking for some inspiration for your next presentation?  Don’t have time to go to a few conferences?  How about checking some out online?  Some of our favorite sites for this are: TED – many of the best presentations in the world, online! Ignite NYC – a speaker’s series that Martha works on.  5 minutes, 20 […]

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If message is king, then the audience is its emperor.

If message is king…

…then the audience is the emperor. We’ve said this before and will say it many more times.  Yes, chart design and image selection should be based on your content.  But your content should be based on your audience.  People are bombarded with information constantly; much of what doesn’t interest them.  So, think about it, what […]

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