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Embedding multiple audio clips into a single PowerPoint page

I just worked on a recent client project for an advertising pitch where they wanted to have various audio clips play automatically after one click per slide and not have the icons on the screen.  This was a new one for me and frankly I didn’t think it could be done.  But dear readers, it […]

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Chart Improvement Series: NSA PRISM slides

Normally we post one blog post a week.  Because of the timeliness, this week is different.  We have 2 posts from the same series today and today’s is a bit usual because it comes out of the news instead of SlideShare.  Yup, it’s the famous PRISM slides that The Guardian and The Washington Post leaked […]

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Anatomy of a chart

When designing a presentation chart,  you should focus on clarity and credibility above all else.  In order to best explain what I mean by clarity and credibility, I’ve put this visual anatomy of a chart together.     Clarity: Hierarchy of titles is clear.  The overall message of the page (the top line that says […]

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Chart Selection Course

Over a year ago, the now defunct but awesome website Solvated asked me to put together a 2-part online training about charting. I thought I’d share part 1.  There were a few issues, which just reminded us all of the importance of tech rehearsals and having a sense of humor when presenting. My thinking has […]

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Timelines: Selection

So, you’re preparing your deck for your big fancy client.  You want to tell them all about the various amazing tasks you’re going to do for the project you’re doing together.  You want to make sure all of those tasks are clear and that it’s obvious what the phases of the project are.  BUT, you’re a bit […]

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Color or no color, that is the question!

This is a cross-post from Martha’s blog In my years as a visual communications professional, I’ve worked with all types of companies, consultants, and government entities.  And with each of these interactions, attitudes around color seem to differ greatly – sometimes for good reason, other times based on fear.  In general I find there are […]

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