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Next mediabistro class starts March 17, 2014

Hunting for some more skills on writing and designing presentations? Do you have ZERO graphic design knowledge? Are you lost when it comes to structuring your presentations? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you should sign up for my next class with mediabistro.com that begins on March 17th. sign up here […]

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Color selection

It’s always amazing to me how emotional color selection can be for some. I’ve had clients who have had break downs because of the wrong shade of orange (or some other favorite color). And I’ve heard clients have internal fights over their favorites. Personal preference is one way to go about these things, but I’m […]

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Upcoming class on Presentation Creation through Mediabistro

Want to take a class with The Presentation School?  Then take our class with Mediabistro that will be on December 2 and December 9 from 8-9pm Eastern US time! Details can be found here: http://www.mediabistro.com/Presentations-From-Planning-to-Design-crs8267.html

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Chart Improvement Series: Targeting Customers 2×2

This is the third installment of our chart “fix-it” series, where we take a slide that is either off message or in need of some help and then improve it.  Last week we improved a data-chart and the week before that we improved a conceptual chart that was off message. This is something that happens […]

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Chart Improvement Series: Importance of Algo Components

Last week we started  a chart “fix-it” series where we take a chart in dire need of help and then fix it.  This is something that we do in our presentation workshops, to synthesize all of the design lessons from the day.  Our last chart fixed  a “Success Cycle” that wasn’t depicting it’s key message. […]

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Chart Improvement Series: Success Cycle

We at The Presentation School don’t think that PowerPoint is the problem, a lack of visual communications education is the problem.  In our workshops, a taxonomy and deeper methodology of creating charts is taught.  But in each workshop, there is a section where  the learnings of the day are synthesized through analyzing poorly communicated slides […]

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Travelling and presentation creation: tips for doing it successfully

For some of us, it’s sometimes unavoidable.  For others of us, it’s our most inspired environment for writing.  For others of us still, we’re so restless anyway, we might as well work.  What do I speak of?  Writing presentations while in transit on:  planes, trains, and (for the very advanced), automobiles. As straight forward as it may […]

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Anatomy of a chart

When designing a presentation chart,  you should focus on clarity and credibility above all else.  In order to best explain what I mean by clarity and credibility, I’ve put this visual anatomy of a chart together.     Clarity: Hierarchy of titles is clear.  The overall message of the page (the top line that says […]

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Prezi storyboarding template

Recently, I had an inquiry from a Non-Profit around creating Prezis that would act as standalone training videos. I explained to them that the typical process is as follows: 1. Select a central metaphor (the best Prezis have a central image you zoom in and out of) 2. Write the voice-over script 3. Decide on […]

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Fonts & PowerPoint

If you’d like to have an edgier, moe sophisticated looking PowerPoint template, I’d suggest not using one of the following fonts:  Arial, Calibri, Tahoma or Verdana.  Everyone uses them.  The benefit to using them, is that anyone can then edit your pages.  If that’s not the concern, then consider using a different font. When selecting […]

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