I’m a HUGE fan of TED.com. No doubt you are, too. One of my favorite talks comes from a fellow by the name of Ceasar Kuriyama about a project he did in which he recorded 1 second of everyday of his 30th year of life. He then mashed it together in an awesome film that he shared in his TED talk.

He has recently put together an iPhone app that was funded by Kickstarter and has made his project accessible to anyone with the app. In this app, anyone can record their best seconds and then upload them in either custom or month groupings directly onto Facebook, YouTube or their phone.

As a participant, I’ve been watching other people’s seconds from all over the world; and have been sharing mine with them, too. (My first month was selected for a TED.com post about this project, check it out)

These little snippets of video show other people’s worlds more vividly than still images could: you learn what people sound like, see how they move, see where they hang out and who’s important to them. It’s got me thinking that quick montages like this could be extremely valuable in illustrating concepts in presentations.

Some quick tips for taking videos:
Make sure your video is horizontal, not vertical. Vertical looks amateurish
Check your light, make sure everything is visible
Keep your hand steady!
Keep your files small if you want to embed them into PPT or Keynote: too large a file can crash your machine

Happy video sharing!