Have a speaking gig coming up?

Are you super nervous?

Having trouble maintaining your voice throughout your talk?

Having trouble with your stage presence?

Then grab your fellow speakers/team mates and go out to karaoke!  Karaoke isn’t about speaking, it’s about stage presence, having fun, and being part of a group.  I’m not advocating alcohol (especially for those under-age or have trouble with it), but if you need one to loosen up, go for it.  But since this is about loosening up to give a talk, don’t go overboard.

When you go, you can practice holding a microphone.  Be conscious of your posture, your projection and your overall stage presence.  Please feel free to break out into a dance, fun poses, etc.

If you’re super shy, get a private room.  Not everyone was in show choir and enjoys being on the main stage of a karaoke venue.

When you are giving your presentation, think of your karaoke self.  You’ll already be having more fun.

For some fun tips, check out this Ignite NYC talk by the lovely Emma Persky (whom I was fortunate enough to coach):

How to Win at Kareoke