When working with clients, we sometimes butt-heads when speaking about images.  Not because we have different taste, but because we have a different language when talking about images.  We are frequently talking about the same image and agreeing, but because of our different language we don’t see that.  To help you avoid future arguments with your designers, here are some basic terms with visuals so you can communicate more accurately:

An isolated image is one without a background, like this image from istockphoto.com:

This is an example of an isolated image














This is an example of a black and white image, also called greyscale.  This cute little otter is also from istockphoto.com:

This is an example of greyscale or black & white









This is that same image with a sepia filter.  What it looks like an image is being viewed through a tinted piece of plastic, that is called a wash.  You can have more than sepia washes, of course!

Sepia filtered otter









And this version of the otter is in full saturation, aka full color:

Fully saturated otter