When getting ready to be coached for presentation delivery skills, there are a few things you should prep to get the most out of your coaching:

  • Ask others what they think your strengths are, if they’re not comfortabel telling you, ask them to email your coach
  • Ask others what they think you need help with, it may not be what you think.  Do let them email your coach if they are not comfortable telling you
  • Wear whatever you wear when you normally present
  • Put together a list of your typical audiences, with as much detail as possible (size of audience, age of audience, companies they work for, their jobs in Hong Kong, countries they are from, etc)
  • If being sent because this will be a new task for you, find out as much about what you’ll be presenting as possible
  • Bring any typical presentations you present from
  • Bring any props you like to present with

A good presentation coach will likely cover the above information, either in their presentation content or in specific notes that they give you.

Happy presenting!