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We go to all kinds of conferences and we run all kinds of conferences (frequently as the chick who designed the presentations, helped plan the presentations or just running the machine so clients can Network). In this capacity as laptop chick, I’m constantly amazed at the confusion around where to put the press tat ion machine. We are also constantly amazed at where others place their presentation machines.


Simply because it’s about the speaker. And it’s about having the freedom you need at the presentation machine to pull docs up and freak out about issues so the audience can focus on content instead of how lame you are for having the inevitable technical issues that always happen. However, the speaker is going to want to feel close to the machine and be able to click through as need be.

My advice?

Simple. Have 2 machines. One that has a screenshot of your meeting title slide and the other with the meeting presentations. And yes, a mixer to switch between the 2. Have the meeting title card up when sorting the presentation machine so no one sees your desktop, etc. Sit in the front row, to the side so you can have eye content with the presenter, they can click, and your speaker feels close to their material.