Less is more when designing for webinars

So, last post we talked about why you should keep your webinar audiences engaged and some tips on how to do that.  Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about how to actually design your webinar.  Webinars are not unlike large audience presentations, they also should not have very much on the screen.  Not only because you want to keep your audience engaged and listening to you the presenter, versus putting you on mute and reading the presentation instead, but because too much on the screen can be overwhelming.

So, in The Presentation School style, we have a few tips for you:

  • Less is more – if you can shorten text to a few quick phrases, do it!
  • Replace with images – if you can use an image or a conceptual chart for your content, then do it!
  • White space is key – especially if you are planning on having participants write on the screen
  • Don’t use builds – webinar programs can be slow, screens could be uploading while you’re on the next point.  To avoid this, use multiple page builds instead of builds within your software

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