Especially with the current economic slump, that alas shows little sign of getting better soon, we are working further and further from each other.  Co-working and home-working are just as common place as going into an office for a 9-5 job.  More and more people are moving to cheaper locations to help make ends meet, happy that they can work remotely.

Alas, that means that every presenter now has to give Webinars.  And also, alas, that mans that every presenter now has to battle their audience’s desktops by being more interesting than their email, current project, or Facebook pages.  A daunting prospect, for sure, but not impossible!

Here are some quick tips to help you:

  • Plan to bring the audience back every 3-5 minutes by asking them a question
  • Allow questions throughout your presentation, instead of just waiting at the end
  • Be as interactive as possible:  voting, drawing on screen, etc.
  • Put less on the page and say more to the audience so they have to pay attention, rather than just read ahead
  • Use the cursor on screen to point things out, make it clear you’re really there!
Next time we’ll talk about design tips!